Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning systems and Strategy support


Final Evaluation of Women Empowement of Smallholder farmers through the Rice value chain in Tanzania

The 3 year Smallholders Women Empowerment (WEP) through the rice value chains in Tanzania project, was coordinated by SNV and implemented through four Implemeting Partners: MS TCDC, Vijana Vision Tanzania, WOPATA and MIICO. The project intended to reduce gender inequality through enabling smallholder women organization into producer groups, facilitating linkages with and access to inputs and financial services, and market systems through village based contract farming so as to influence policies and practices that limit women participation in decision making, ownership and control of productive resources and incomes. The project was implemented in 6 districts of Morogoro, Iringa, Mbeya and Sumbawanga regions.


The services provided included logistical arrangements, field coordination, quality control and supervision, data collection and facilitation of focus group discussions, data transcription and

entry using word and excel respectively, preliminary data cleaning and analysis through debriefs.

Tanzania: Morogoro, Iringa, Mbeya and Sumbawanga regions

2 months

July 2017- September 2017