In-Depth Consulting is a firm duly registered in Tanzania that provides technical and professional services to civil society organizations, government, international organizations, and corporate sector in Tanzania in particular and Africa in general. Established in 2012, the firm has a pool of quality and dedicated consultants with vast technical, professional and practical experiences in various sectors in Eastern and Southern Africa. 

The firm has been providing research, evaluation, strategy development, value chain and market development services, design and nurture of systems and organizational capacity assessment and strengthening to diverse clientele and their networks targeting  smallholder farmers, the poor and marginalized, youth, women and children [“those left behind”] agency in Tanzania and the East Africa Region.

We have successfully accomplished numerous consulting assignments in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Somaliland South Sudan, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Eritrea and Puntland.


These assignments include researches, evaluations (baselines, mid-term, end-line and impact), strategy development and oversight, reviews and strengthening of M&E systems, capacity building (including team-building) and technical assistance to several local and international development organizations.

We have significant experiences (over 10 years) in providing technical and professional services through targeted and customized approaches that recognize the diversity and differences in needs, capacity and context of our clients.




Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

Irrespective of how well financed an organization is, managing resources, timelines and deadlines is important to assigned tasks that require proper planning.

We thrive and dedicate our work on evidence-based decision making.  

Project and Program

Clear understanding and proper implementation of projects throughout the various phases, requires not only the defined strategies but also corresponding skills to execute such strategies. We support organizations and individuals to  develop relevant strategies and execute them to achieve the desired results.

Governance and Leadership

Having the ability to lead and execute company plans and policies takes skill and dedication. We have the right mix of training to get you  ready for your role.   



For organizations to function efficiently and effectively, our motivated and dedicated team covers different sectors to achieve greater performance. We are geared to building strong organizations for greater impact.

Technical and Professional Services

  1. Agriculture economy and agribusiness
  2. Youth development and inclusion
  3. Training and coaching
  4. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEAL)
  5. Governance, Accountability and Leadership
  6. Multi stakeholder dialogue and solution development
  7. Mentoring and Capacity Development
  8. Studies and Baselines
  9. Research and Impact Assessments
  10. Retreat and Team Building Facilitation
  11. Results Based Management


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International Youth FoundATION



Kickstart International [TanzaNIA]


Media Council of Tanzania


SNV-The Netherlands

Development Organization



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